Why Double Dual Marker Test Procedure Needs in Pregnancy and Benefits

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The double marker test is an essential diagnostic procedure that can identify abnormalities in the baby or child. A positive pregnancy test will alert the mother to a possible health risk. While it is never recommended to have the procedure before conception, it may give the couple time to decide if they want to have a child. In some cases, a positive pregnancy test may even be helpful in determining the best plan of action.

The Double Marker test is done to identify chromosomal and neurological defects. This is a screening test and may give a false result up to 50% of the time. Therefore, a confirmed result is needed with an amniocentesis. Women over 35 and those with a family history of fetal disorders are at a higher risk of testing positive. The double marker test should be combined with an NT scan in order to maximize the accuracy of the results.

While the double marker test is not a compulsion, it is often recommended for those with high risk for chromosomal disorders. Some women who have a history of certain conditions, like polycystic ovary syndrome, are at an increased risk of developing these problems. However, the results of these tests are not definitive and will only let the doctor know if there is an increased chance of having a child with an abnormal chromosomal condition.

The Double Marker test is used to detect chromosomal and neurological defects in a pregnancy. It is typically performed during the eighth to 13th week of pregnancy. A negative result means that there is no chromosomal or neurological defect in the pregnancy. Women over 35 and those with a family history of birth defects are also more likely to test positive. While the free-beta human chorionic gonadotropin level is considered normal, a low-beta hCG level indicates a high risk of Down’s syndrome or other genetic condition.

During the last few decades, the quad marker test has replaced the triple screen in the U.S. The results of the quad marker screen are more accurate than those from a single marker screen. This is an invasive and time-consuming procedure, but it is a necessary one for the mother and the child. The results are used to make important decisions regarding the child’s development.

The double marker test is an invasive but safe procedure to confirm a pregnancy. Although it carries some risks, the test is useful for confirming the results of the pregnancy. The test can also help determine the best course of action in cases of a genetically abnormal baby. In some instances, a negative result can alert the mother to an increased risk of Down syndrome. During the double marker test, the positive result can also indicate the presence of chromosomal disorder.

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