A Paper Towel Tube Vacuum

When shopping for a new vacuum, you may be surprised to discover that one of the most popular attachments is the paper towel tube vacuum. It is compact and lightweight, perfect for use when vacuuming small areas or doing quick jobs around the house. Although these are specifically designed for hand-held use, it may be an option to buy a larger one for larger areas. There are many different styles available in v-cushion models including: small (personal) v-bags, large (commercial), and industrial. A paper towel tube vacuum is available in numerous styles to fit all decorating needs.

A Paper Towel Tube Vacuum Attachment is ideal for cleaning upholstery and furniture. They can be used by hand or with the added convenience of a motorized push button or nozzle. When you’re cleaning leather sofas, upholstered furniture, and curtains, simply remove the dirty area using the attached vacuum wand and begin to wipe with the paper towel tube. The paper towel will remove any excess dirt on the fabric, making it easier for you to continue vacuuming with ease. Using the attached vacuum wand, pry the fabric back from the couch with a pointed tip and then vacuum away.

For larger areas like carpeting or hard floors, you can take advantage of the large attachments on some of the v-cushion models. The Commercial Paper Towel Tube Vacuum Attachment has a large size that allows you to vacuum in a radius of four feet, or you can use it to cover a large area with a single wand. The large handle makes it easy to reach high spaces and the dual blades on the Commercial Paper Towel Tubes Attachment make it effective at both light and heavyweight duty. This vacuum attachment is especially good for rugs and area rugs that are thick or have thick ladders and carpet runners.

If your house is always dark, you should consider the Vacuum Rod Cleaner Attachment for Your Tractor Unit. You can make your house sparkle by running your electric trolley for cleaning around the house. It includes a non-stick extension handle and reusable rubberized telescoping wand for gentle cleaning and efficient transportation.

For those who have pets, you may consider the Power Vacuum Assistant for Pets. It features the durable nylon wand, disposable wet/dry cleaner head, nylon fabric covered telescoping wand, and easy to replaceable plastic cup liners. You can clean and disinfect your pets without fear when you purchase this convenient vacuum accessory. The convenient bag attaches easily onto the wand for convenient transportation. The bag has room for both paper towel tubes and pet hair. It’s easy to use and versatile for any occasion.

A paper towel tube is an extremely convenient tool for everyone in the home. They make vacuuming easier and more efficient, eliminating many common messes. When purchasing this product, you must take into consideration the needs of your family. You want something small enough to be able to handle all of the larger jobs but large enough to accommodate paper towels for each person. The paper towel tube will give you many healthy and happy days ahead.